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Unexpectedly, Patriots traded LB Collins to Browns

The Cleveland Browns jerseys finished the first surprising trade before the trade deadline — and as a buyer.

Browns got the New England Patriots jerseys star linebacker Jamie Collins, and Cleveland has acquired Patriots star linebacker Jamie Collins jersey for a compensatory draft pick that’s slated to eventually be a third-round selection, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

At present, the trade is for a 2018 fourth-round selection. Once the league designates the loss of former Browns center Alex Mack jersey(who went to Atlanta in free agency) as a third-round compensatory pick for 2017, New England will receive that pick instead.

“We do what we think is best for the team,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick told the media.

We did have several small problems throughout all the ski season. However, none of these situations ever got outside of our immediate family. We worked real hard the players retain the negative stuff in this particular program. We dealt these people together and kept the community, parents, and administrators out regarding. We felt this helped keep our family tight and built an atmosphere of trust.

Cleveland Browns Nike Game JerseyCollins played less suspicious time in the game against Buffalo Bill, this may be the first and only hint of his departure.

27-year-old Collins is about to end his rookie contract, he will become a free agent next year’s offseason. He is considered to be one of the league’s most dominant and most comprehensive outside linebacker by Pro Football Focus. He is almost certainly asking for a new contract that Belichick does not want to sign.

In seven games this year, Collins already has 31 tackles, two interceptions, three pass breakups and a sack. He missed a game against the Bengals back in Week 6 with a hip issue.

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Browns, who has a handful of draft picks, think it’s time for the defense group to keep young and bring the better players to the team. Although Collins has proved his strength, but Browns’s young efforts to go all out sometimes will be very risky. They risk getting a good player they do not know how to use properly. Many players who left the Patriots were also unable to get their success in the Patriot defensive system. Now, only the Arizona Cardinals’ pass rusher Chandler Jones and the former Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker jersey briefly became exceptions.

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Collins has been the parnter of the star linebacker Dont’a Hightower, which may also let his performance is superior to his own strength.

After Collins’ estimated worth of more than $ 50 million, it would be interesting to see how soon Browns could give Collins a new contract or whether they would try Collins first.

Jared Goff will get more training time next week

Case Keenum has done better than anyone expected this season, especially last week against the Detroit Lions. But that does not mean the Los Angeles Rams jerseys have forgotten their draft pick this year.

According to the NFL Network, Jared Goff will get more playing time in training after the game versus the New York Giants jerseys. Goff has made significant progress in training since the start of this season, and the Rams are more confident that if he was asked to play.

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Keenum has averaged 9.2 yards-per-attempt over the last three weeks. It’s hard to imagine the Rams will change the starting lineup if he continues to maintain that performance and the Rams keep winning at more than half. Keenum’s teammates and coaches said this week that their offensive group performance was good enough to win the game.

But if Keenum jerseys were to struggle badly against the Giants, it would no longer be a shock to see Goff get his chance sooner rather than later.

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Jared Goff jerseys with free shipping“The quarterback is not the reason, by the way, that we lost three games. I’m staying with Case (Keenum),” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said before he was even asked Sunday afternoon at Twickenham Stadium, anticipating the long two weeks ahead.

The concept of inserting a No. 1 overall pick into the lineup of a team still in the mix for a playoff spot is not new. The Rams’ rival New York Giants, once let Eli Manning to replace Kurt Warner to start. At that time the Giants record was 5-4. Rams will be 3-4 if they lose the next game.

Rams know the decision to replace the starting quarterback means they can not look back. Even if the decision to give Goff more practice reps is a nod toward thinking about the future.

Free agent C.J.Spiller visits Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers are still looking for a talented running back, according to ESPN that free agent running back C.J.Spiller visited Green Bay on Tuesday.

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The Packers have an open roster spot and a need for backfield depth after recently waiving third running back Jhurell Pressley.

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New Orleans Saints released Spiller after week one game because of his health problems. Spiller had previously completed a four-year, $16 million contract with the Saints in 2015, but he had just held 70 balls in the past 13 games.

The Packers’ Eddie Lacy and James Starks were both failed to impress during the games for a variety of reasons, especially in ground attack. Although Spiller is not a reliable running back, he performed well in catching, had completed 192 catches during 83 games of his career.

Slowed by injuries, though, Spiller hasn’t been the same since, averaging 4.25 yards on 316 carries over the past three seasons.

If the Packers end up signing Spiller, he will be used as a satellite back to complement Eddie Lacy and James Starks.

New Orleans Saints re-signed veteran Jahri Evans

New Orleans Saints will bring back a familiar player.

They will sign veteran offensive guard Jahri Evans.

Jahri Evans

The team’s coach Sean Payton hinted the signing decision on Wednesday, he said re-signed the team long-term starting Evans is “a realistic possibility”.

Evans, the 2006 rookie, only missed starting seven games during his ten seasons in the Saints. He was released after refused to accept a pay cut.

Evans joined the Seattle Seahawks this offseason but was finally laid off, he will immediately get the Saints starting position. Saints will continue to adjust the offensive line before the season opener against the Oakland Raiders.

Gabbert becomes the starting quarterback, Kaepernick will stay

Colin Kaepernick is safety in the San Francisco 49ers, but he will not be the starting quarterback.

Kaepernick successful stay in the team’ 53-lineup, but coach Chip Kelly announced Saturday that Blaine Gabbert would start the first week game against the Los Angeles Rams, Kaepernick would be on the beach, Christian Ponder would serve as the No.3 quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert

It is not surprising about Kaepernick stays with the team. He did well in the last preseason game and led the team to a touchdown and show better arm strength compared to the previous game. But Gabbert almost the entire offseason is Kelly’s offensive group starting quarterback, in the meantime Kaepernick in the treatment of injuries.

The next question is how much playing time Kaepernick will get in 2016 season. Kaepernick has $11.9 million salaries in guaranteed and will get another $2 million bonus to stay the team. After this year, his contract will contain injuries guaranteed income worth nearly $25 million.

Contractual issues could be left to future to discuss. At least Kaepernick stays on the team now.

Six renderings show Oakland Raiders’ new stadium

According to the NFL-Jerseys-Reports, Oakland Raiders filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the name “Las Vegas Raiders” on August 20.

The Southern Nevada Tourism Construction Association released a number of Raiders home field renderings. It’s reported that the stadium will cost 1.9 billion dollars, although the Raiders’ movement to Las Vegas has not been confirmed yet.

The Las Vegas stadium will be able to accommodate 65,000 people simultaneously watch the game.

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-1

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-2

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-3

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-4

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-5

Oakland Raiders' new stadium-6

Which rendering is your favorite?

Wesley Woodyard ‘went too far’ with shaved ice at Titans camp

Every year in training camp, Wesley Woodyard swears off his favorite treat: flavored shaved ice.

Wesley Woodyard

But when Brian Orakpo sponsored a Kona Ice truck to be open on the sideline after Tennessee Titans practice Monday, Woodyard had every flavor available, in five different cones.

And when coach Mike Mularkey sponsored a second day …

“I had three more today,” said Woodyard, a starting inside linebacker. “Grape and pina colada, those are probably the two best ones. That’s my weakness. It sucks, every time I go to camp I get on a no-Icee kick. I was like, I don’t want a regular ice-cream truck. But a frozen-ice truck? I am there.

“I stay away from them in camp. I made an exception. And I went too far.”

Orakpo said he came up with the idea as something different for the team after hot days.

“We’ve been grinding,” he said. “It’s just something nice, different, a change of scenery. Practice is over. Instead of coming in, it’s a nice treat after a long, physical, hot day.

“Wood loves this thing.”

Bills sign linebacker Brandon Spikes to a one-year contract

According to the NFL official reporter Mike Garafolo, Buffalo Bill signed the free agent linebacker Brandon Spikes to a one-year contract on Sunday.

This is Spikes’ second time to join Bill, erenow his first four seasons spent in the New England Patriots, after that, he turned to Bill in 2014 season, soon followed by unemployment. Spikes was offered a trial by Miami Dolphins but left without a contract last week.

Brandon Spikes

In order to make room for the three new signed players including linebacker David Hawthorne, tight end Jimmy Mundine, and Spikes, Bill have released Javier Arenas, wide receiver Gary Chambers, and linebacker Kevin Reddick.

Spikes had even returned to the Patriots in 2015, but later he was released due to involvement in a Hit-and-run incident, followed a suspension for four games by violated NFL Personal Conduct Regulations. The new season Spikes will work for Rob Ryan and his brother Rex Ryan.

Earlier this year, the Bills’ second-round pick Reggie Ragland got a knee collateral ligament tear in training and will miss games for a long time. Bills have no choice but to sign Spikes.

Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert won’t participate in Pro Bowl

The Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert will not longer participate in Pro Bowl. Eifert got an ankle injury in the last Pro Bowl, he underwent surgery but are not sure when to return to the field.

On Friday, Eifert told reporters that his protective boots will be removed in a week and said that it still has not a definite timetable for his return to the stadium.

Tyler Eifert

Eifert expresses he will never participate in the Pro Bowl again even if he is selected because he thinks that is not worth a risk.

Apparently, the Pro Bowl needs to adjust. The league’s president Roger Goodell expressed dissatisfaction with the status quo for the Pro Bowl. So hoping those can change the status quo. Players will be able to bring the unique experience to the fans but don’t have to worry about missing training due to the injuries.

Bengals hope Tyler Kroft, the third-round pick last year, would make progress after having caught 11 balls for 129 yards and one TDs in the last season.

Miller and Broncos haven’t talk recently

Denver Broncos and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller are still in negotiations with the contract extension.

It doesn’t be so sure that they will make an agreement in a long-term deal before July 15th.

Von Miller

It has been a long time that Miller and Broncos have talked that problem since early June.

The Super Bowl MVP hasn’t signed his one-year franchise tag tender and has said there’s “no chance” he’ll play under the tag in the 2016 season.

Miller would not attend any Broncos’ competition if he could not work out a long-term deal with Broncos in a number of weeks.

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